Dangers from Phthalates, Are They Real?

Phthalates are a family of chemicals which are basically in soft plastics, such as shower curtains, carpets and shampoos, intravenous bags and tubing in hospitals. They are not in hard plastics in bottles of soda or water. We deal with these chemicals everyday. And our bodies absorb these chemicals everyday, slowly but surely. They cling to our skin and nails. There are traces of these chemicals in our bodies.

Reports from the EPA or Environmental Agency of the United States say that phthalates disrupt hormone activity and they probably cause the demasculinizing of men. By this is meant that men are becoming less and less manly both in general behavior and particularly in sexual activity.

Even the phthalates in pregnant women are said to affect the health of baby boys they give birth to. These chemicals are detected in the urine of these mothers. The baby boys were not so completely masculine. Some sex organs were deformed.

In adult males phthalates may be causing low sperm counts and low testosterone levels.

The problem is compounded by the fact that it is not easy to get rid of these chemicals in our bodies.

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