Timely Topics on New Trends

In this blog I treat of new trends that are timely. There are all kinds of trends but not all of these are timely. There are trends that are just repetition of former trends, like the sporting of way-below-the-belt pants or the wearing of mini-skirts. There are trends that are mere fads like the color of the casing of cell phones. But there are trends that are timely, they are appropriate for our times because they meet our needs, like education at home, away from the school buildings.

New Trends in Communications

Most of these trends are in the area of communication because more and more people now are interacting with more and more people using more and more means of communication. Gone are the days when we had to wait so many days before we received communications from our family or friends through the post office. Now we can send messages instantly and we can also receive messages instantly. And there are more than one means of doing this. We can do this through our cell phones, our desktop or laptop computers, through public means of communication like the radio and television.

Trends in Education

But there are trends besides those in communication. Of particular interest to me is in education. Here we see a contrasting trend: while formal education in the classrooms becomes more and more expensive, informal and non-formal education is becoming more and more cheap. Tuition fees in schools keep on increasing, but charges for research in internet cafes are getting cheaper and cheaper.

From Religion to Spirituality

There are also trends in the realm of religion and spirituality. More and more people are turning to spirituality, away from formal religion in the traditional churches.

Earning Money Online

Because of the fast speed with which we connect to other people through the Internet a new way of making money has been created. This is earning money online or through the Internet. More and more people are advertising through the Internet and this creates income for those who read the advertisement and for those who advertise.

Alternative Health Care

In the realm of health care, there is a trend of going to alternative medicines. Never before have we seen the massive proliferation of food supplements and sale of herbal medicines. More and more people, especially adults, are conscious of their health. They want to live longer lives on this planet earth.

Whatever new trend that I consider worthwhile discussing, I put in this blog, if I can find time for putting it here. Maybe you also have found a new trend which you would like to share with me, or you would like me to share with others through this blog. Just tell me about it and I will look into it and search more about it. Who knows, it may be a timely trend, something that contributes to making life better for all of us.

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